Spring is on the Way 

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Greetings All,

Looks pretty ugly out there today but i THINK spring is on the way. If you stop by the old house be sure to look for the beautiful violets blooming on the west side of the house. They smell so wonderful and they come in other colors besides violet.
As soon as it starts to warm up I hope to get some flowers planted.

Our next meeting is a week from Wednesday on March 14th @ 10:00am. Hope to see some new faces...
By the way thanks to everyone who has sent in their yearly dues. And a big Thanks to those who have donated money to Cow Creek Historical Society.
We are planning a high tea in May. Watch for the Day & Time. Seating will be limited due to space.

We have been getting inquires for renting the house for events. We are rented out for a shower later in March.

We have been approached about a class reunion in Aug. of 2013.

I know our page here hasn't been updated as much as it could be, but we are working on adding the monthly meeting minutes.
Also we hope to send out a news letter by the end of the month.
Stay in touch.
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