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Hello Everyone,
Just taking a little time to do a little update. Things never seem to move as fast as you'd like. But this year (2013) we have seen progress in the restoration project. The Brady family has really pitched in this year and given us a big boost. Mr Don Brady (who is I believe in his 90s) along with his daughters, Beverly, Susan and Evelyn have almost finished putting up the trim in the three upstairs bedrooms. Others from C.C.H.S. have given them a hand in painting and cleaning. It's really looking good. Thank you everyone for all your hard work.

Our High Tea that was held in May was a huge success. We either seem to hit rainy cold weather or the warmest day of the year. We hit the latter this year. It was good to be able to show our guests the progress that had been made upstairs.

Earlier this month C.C.H.S. held a whopping big yard sale at the Azalea Grange. Bob & Betty Fisher donated most of the items that were sold. We made over $3800.00. Which will go a long way in keeping us running or making more improvements.

There are plans to hold another sale at the Azalea Grange in November as there's still a lot of items left. Including a lot of christmas stuff.

Our annual BBQ & Car show will be held on Sunday Sept.8th at 1:00pm at the Springer/Martin House. Plan to attend. It's always a ton of funn. See you there.
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Spring is on the Way 

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Greetings All,

Looks pretty ugly out there today but i THINK spring is on the way. If you stop by the old house be sure to look for the beautiful violets blooming on the west side of the house. They smell so wonderful and they come in other colors besides violet.
As soon as it starts to warm up I hope to get some flowers planted.

Our next meeting is a week from Wednesday on March 14th @ 10:00am. Hope to see some new faces...
By the way thanks to everyone who has sent in their yearly dues. And a big Thanks to those who have donated money to Cow Creek Historical Society.
We are planning a high tea in May. Watch for the Day & Time. Seating will be limited due to space.

We have been getting inquires for renting the house for events. We are rented out for a shower later in March.

We have been approached about a class reunion in Aug. of 2013.

I know our page here hasn't been updated as much as it could be, but we are working on adding the monthly meeting minutes.
Also we hope to send out a news letter by the end of the month.
Stay in touch.
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open house 

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Seasons Greetings,

We would like to invite everyone to an open house @ the Old House Sunday Dec. 11th from 2:00pm to 4:00pm. The address is 7331 Azalea glen Rd. We will be serving refreshments. Have a look around and visit with old friends and make some new ones.

Look for our news letter. It has a review of what's gone on this last year and a story by Jennene Johns about the Redfields. Also if you haven't paid your dues and would like to, there is a form for you to fill out and mail back to us.

If you aren't able to come to the open house, our next meeting is Wed. Dec.14th @ 10:00am 7331 Azalea glen rd.
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Canyonville Historical Society 

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Yesterday We hosted the Canyonville Historical Society for their annual fall meeting. It was so wonderful to have so many folks in the old house.
This event was the idea of Jennene Johns who thought it would be good to bring the two historical Societies together. It ws a fun time.
Jennene and Ceil Booth made sure the old house was at it's cleanest best. Betty Fisher brought beautiful Mums for the tables, which along with the chairs and sound system were brought in by Andy Owens. Marian Owens also helped to set up. The meeting was preceded by a great potluck. We hope to host other meetings in the future.

Don't forget we have our own meeting this Wed. the 9th at 10:00am @ the Springer/Martin house on Azalea Glen rd. Hope to see you there.
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I am so happy to report that the Country BBQ and Car Show was a success. We made $2,220.00. The money will help pay for insurance and power bills for the next year. I really appreciate everyone who helped out. The day before the BBQ we preped the food at the high school. It was fun vistiting with everyone while we worked. We couldn't have asked for better weather the day of the BBQ.
The car show was a big hit. Thank you to everyone who brought your car or pickup to share. Thank you also for the ideas you shared for making next years even better.
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